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Through the integration of power, simplistic style and patented TPA technology, Airdog products are leading the way for air purification with it’s elite capability to destroy viruses and remove smoke all in efficient, waste free design.

P.P.E Meets Technology

Introducing the FitAir Kit from Airdog™, designed to help you breathe better​ and ​live healthier during your daily routine.


COVID-19 Alert!

Can an Air Purifier Help Protect You from the Coronavirus?


Pursue a healthy living environment with the new SafeAir™ Purification Systems. Powered by proven active purification technology, SafeAir™ works rapidly and efficiently to oxidize odors, mold and infectious viruses in the air you breathe and on the surfaces you touch.

eco washer

​The Dirty Truth

Did you know laundry detergent does NOT kill bacteria? Change the way you do laundry and eliminate toxic chemicals with EcoWasher, end the Sick Laundry Cycle and never buy laundry detergent again!

Business Solutions

Want to learn about new ways to keep your employees and customer safe? Our new AVT division was designed with your business in mind. Learn how we can implement anti-virus technologies to keep your facility healthy and give your customers the peace of mind they deserve!

Confirmed COVID Killer

In addition to defending your breathing space against smoke, odors, and allergens, Airdog also provides a shield of protection against bacteria and infectious viruses. Tested and proven, TPA Technology not only eliminates the common influenza virus, but also destroys the novel Coronavirus by a rate of 99.02% in just 30 seconds – making Airdog a top choice by businesses, schools, and healthcare facilities throughout the world.

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