Never Buy Laundry
Detergent Again

​No Detergent?

Sounds too good to be true, right?

WRONG! EcoWasher® is here to change the game and transform the way you do laundry with a safer, healthier and more energy efficient alternative to your typical routine. Enjoy deeper cleaning, softer fabrics, brighter colors and HUGE annual savings!

Eco Washer

“What a great and simple way to go green and care for our clothes we wear every day – and the environment we live in…

​We love our EcoWasher!”

Easy Do-it-Yourself Install

Easy Do-it-Yourself Install 
EcoWasher™ connects right to your existing washing machine to transform your water into a powerful, bacteria killing wash system.

​​Eliminate Chemicals

​Harmful Toxins
Say goodbye to toxic detergent & save big! Make the switch to a natural, chemical free laundry experience that is safe for the whole family!

Hospital Trusted Technology

Hospital Trusted Technology
EcoWasher® uses the same bacteria killing technology that has been trusted by hospitals and hygienic facilities for decades!

What is EcoWasher®? 

EcoWasher® is an easy to install and easy to use system that attaches to your current residential washing machine and transforms your laundry routine into a powerful, germ-free wash. EcoWasher® utilizes trusted hospital technology, proven for decades to deep clean and sanitize laundry by using the disinfecting power of ozone to kill infectious germs and bacteria – all without the use of toxic detergent or hot water!

How EcoWasher Works

Step 1: Water Meets EcoWasher

After successful installation & the start of a cold wash cycle on your washing machine, water flows directly from your homes cold water supply & into the EcoWasher® through the inlet hose. The pressure of the water triggers the internal flow switch to power on the EcoWasher® – no buttons to press or knobs to turn. Just start your washing machine & let EcoWasher® take it ​from there!

​Step 2: Infusion

As the EcoWasher® powers on & water begins to flow, an internal generator produces an electrical discharge – a scientific, yet natural process similar to that of a lightening storm. This discharge generates activated oxygen molecules known as ozone – as well as hydrogen peroxide molecules & negative ions – which are infused into the water through a direct venturi injection process.

Step 3: It’s all in the Mix

After ozone infusion takes place, water then passes through the static mixer (you can see this process happen through the viewing window on your EcoWasher®) In this process, the ozone infused water is mixed with oxygen to create an extremely powerful, bacteria attacking species of oxygen known as hydroxyl radicals.

Step 4: The Real Clean

After making its transformation from ordinary tap water to now a powerful cleaning agent, water then makes its way through the outlet hose. Powerful, oxidized water enters your washing machine & saturates your clothing to disinfect & deep clean your laundry like never before!

Did You Know…

Laundry Detergent Does Not ​Kill Germs or Bacteria?

Yes, we know the truth can be pretty gross… ​Laundry detergents might smell nice, but that’s where the advantages end. Not only is laundry detergent no match against harmful germs and bacteria, but it’s packed with toxic chemicals that can do long term harm to our bodies. In fact, laundry detergent has been shown to be a cause in skin allergies, irritations, and even cancer!

In Just Five Minutes, EcoWasher Kills the Infectious Bacteria that Detergents Cannot

(even in a full wash cycle!)

Eco Washer

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EcoWasher® Pro

EcoWasher® Pro

Designed for washing machines in homes with city water supply; Includes 1 Year Warranty with Purchase

​EcoWasher® Pro ​Open Box Unit

​EcoWasher® Pro

​Open Box Unit

Certified Refurbished EcoWasher® Pro; Upgraded with the latest technology; Includes 1 Year Warranty with Purchase.

EcoWasher® Pro Plus

EcoWasher® Pro Plus

Designed for washing machines in homes with hard or well water; Includes 1 Year Warranty with Purchase.

EcoWasher® Pro Plus Open Box Unit

EcoWasher® Pro Plus

Open Box Unit

Certified Refurbished EcoWasher® Pro Plus; Upgraded with the latest technology; Includes 1 Year Warranty with Purchase

EcoWasher® XL-1000

EcoWasher® XL-1000

Designed for residential washing machines in commercial or business settings; works with city or hard water supplies; Includes 2 Year Warranty with Purchase

EcoWasher® Pre-Treat and Stain Remover

EcoWasher® Pre-Treat and Stain Remover

Formulated with live enzymes;
​Included FREE with EcoWasher® Purchase

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