Creating the World’s Best ​and Most Breathable Air

Introducing TPA Technology

Beyond traditional purification technology, Airdog’s patented TPA technology is tested as the most effective and waste-free air solution on the market. Unlike outdated HEPA systems , Airdog harnesses the power to not only collect, but destroy airborne particles as small as 14.6 nanometers in size – including odors, smoke, infectious bacteria and viruses. By making Airdog part of your home or business, you’ll stop inhaling everyday indoor air pollutants and breathe with confidence again.

​Let’s Clear the Air…
​and Your Lungs, too!

The air we breathe matters most. In fact, our health and our overall wellbeing depend greatly on indoor air quality. Everyday, we breathe air polluted by smoke, odors, bacteria and viruses that can all contribute to
allergies and illnesses.

​By collaborating with air experts and engineers, Airdog was designed to put your health first. Through the integration of power, simplistic style and superior technology, Airdog products work towards a common goal to create safe indoor breathing spaces throughout the world.

We’re Not Here to Collect,
​We’re Here to Destroy.









Pet Dander



Removal of Flu Viruses and ​​Bio-Aerosols


Removal of PM 2.5 and other​ ultra fine particles


Removal of total volatile ​organic compounds

Smoking the ​Competition

CCM (cumulative cleaning mass) is the technical term for how much filth a filter is able to trap before it loses 50% efficiency. For a typical HEPA air purifier, lab researchers have quantified 45 cigarettes smoke would yield failure. However, after 440 cigarettes, about 10x more than HEPA’s 45, Airdog’s cleaning capacity only drops -0.2%! That means Airdog can take on 10x more smoke while remaining 50x stronger in cleaning capacity.

Safeguard Your Health with Airdog

Did you know Airdog is tested and proven to kill airborne influenza virus particles at a rate of 99.87%, and also is being considered as a potential weapon against the Coronavirus?

Meet the X-Series

Airdog’s patented line of elite air purification for homes and businesses, big or small.

The Journey to Clean Air

Leave HEPA in the Dust…

Expensive and outdated HEPA filters simply trap particles inside their costly filters. These pollutants can often escape back into the air, making your expensive purifier and filter virtually useless. Furthermore, when the temperature is warmer and humidity is in the air, mold and bacteria grows on the HEPA filter causing bad odors and hazardous waste generated during the process.
Airdog’s washable collecting plate solves this problem by creating an easy to clean system that is safe and effective, and saves you some money, too! Simply eject Airdog’s collecting plate and wash with warm water and dish detergent, or put it in the top rack of your dish washer on a low heat setting.

Shop Airdog X Series

Airdog X3

​The newest and most compact addition to the Airdog X Series, the X3 was designed to fit the needs of smaller areas like apartments and small offices while still harnessing the same great TPA technology to purify up to 800 square feet in just one hour!

Airdog X5

​The flagship purifier of the Airdog family, the X5 is the original design and best seller of the product line. X5 implements patented TPA technology to destroy pollutants, bacteria and viruses in the air and purifies up to 400 square feet in just 20 minutes!

Airdog X5

Airdog X8

The X8 is Airdog’s fastest and most powerful system. With an airflow power of up to 470 cubic feet per minute, X8 moves dirty air through its filtration quickly, but quietly. Having the power to purify up to 1000 square feet in just 20 minutes, the X8 is the ideal solution for large spaces or heavy traffic areas.

Airdog X8

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